HASHTAG HOLOGRAM COMMUNICATIONS posits interactive self-experience to promote a new age of community-inherent globalization. We stimulate organizations to share perspective through modern or emerging technologies and work to expand post-, trans-, and meta-human consciousness through the development of human self.



Conversations of the [#HOLOGRAM] is a multifaceted multimedia project that discusses the purification of the social human experience. We suggest that if the human essence could become the syntax for a streamlined human communication, we’d have an easier time.

PRCPTION Travel documents people. Global citizens living their normal lives, altruists working together to mend the Earth, them aiming to discover the self, others improving human communications. Community stimulates a more sustainable, efficient, and practical future of one-ness for humanity.


VIRTUAL REALITY immersions supporting users to experience constructive, positive, accurate representations of the world and concurrently grow empathy, develop understanding, and help focus otherwise scattered attention.


Using breathwork and the spiritual metaphor of technology to break through to the inner self, [#H] modalities aid users experience existence beyond material reality. Following is the deprogramming of culture, transcendence of linguistic dependency, and mindfulness in daily issues of modern living.